Town of Bethel
Sullivan County, New York

Bethel Poems


Poems about Bethel's waters, people, and places. 
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 A Poem to Honor Arthur L. Vassmer  Edward Brender
 Ode to Arthur L. Vassmer Edward Brender
 Bravo! Eileen Barwick
Come, Sweetheart Lou, in My Birch Bark Canoe

Lyrics with original sheet music 1912
Fred A. VanOrden 
Evangeline (Valley Brook Farm) Jane Irene Lemon
Farmer's Picnic Jennie Fraser
The Barn that became a House of Worship Edward Brender
Hurry Back Ben Stafford
In Memory of President Kennedy Fred A. Van Ordern
Minnie Falls F.D. Ballard 
Mountain Lakes Azuba Stackpole 
Mongaup Valley Falls unknown
River on the Rampage Harry F. Crumley 
Smallwood's Tomb Gloria A. Shapan
Sooner or Later Capt. Harry Conroy 
Sullivan County in the Eighties Fred A. VanOrden 
Summer Time at White Lake Edward Brender
Town of Bethel Ellsworth C. Buck
Unknown Stanza  
White Lake Alfred B. Street
Who First Saw White Lake Fred A. VanOrdern
Woodstock's A Day in the Garden and the Legend Goes On Edward Brender


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