Town of Bethel
Sullivan County, New York

Sewer Department

Kauneonga Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant

3626 Route 55
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749
Phone/Fax:  (845) 583-5810

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 300
White Lake, NY 12786


Michael Collins, Sewer Superintendent (Licensed 3A WWTPO)
Chris Graffeo, 3A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Jarod Rhyne

Operates and maintains the Kauneonga Lake Waste water Treatment Plant.  Our operators are required to hold a NYS 3A Waste Water Operators license.   Re-certification is required every 5 years. 

There are six pump stations and an estimated 13 miles of sewer collection system designed for .6 million gallons per day.  The operators maintain the town’s sewer lines.  The sewer plant is open Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00 lunch is 12-1.  Friday 8:00-Noon. 

Kauneonga Lake Sewer District Billing Office:

P.O. Box 340
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

Donna Stackhouse
Phone:  (845) 583-4350 ext. 17
Fax:  (845) 583-0225

Sewer bills are sent out quarterly; January, April, July and October.  There are no metered sewers.  At the end of the year any unpaid bills are relevied on the next years property tax bill.  

Public Service Announcements: (click on each to open) 

You tube video:  How the sewer system works - starting with your toilet:

What Not to Flush

Flush Only Toilet Paper

Information on Sewage Pollution
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